FIFA 16 News : Women Pattern Acclaimed

EA’s FIFA series of urgent change and innovation, as for a New Year game. Therefore, join the women’s football team in this year’s FIFA 16 game. Also this is EA Sports first joined the ranks of women in the series, and This new change is indeed won the praise of the fifa coins online stores.

Women’s added to FIFA 16 injected vitality, statistics, although the sale of within two months, but FIFA 16 game player has scored over 1 million goal.

EA COO Peter Moore said, FIFA 16 has been launched in this series twenty-three works, although it is still the best selling football game in the world, but at present the FIFA is also in urgent need to change the situation. Muddy turf deeper level, the fans response enhancement, and can not bring the stadium atmosphere to enhance the enjoyment of the game in a qualitative change for the players.

Thus lead to the player’s cheap FIFA coins consumption speed, allowing the player to a extent, the loss of confidence in FIFA 16. So to increase women’s football game pattern will no longer be incomprehensible things.

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