On Black Friday Top 5 Value Packs Opener Win Free FIFA Coins

What kind of promotional packs we can expect in this weekend? In FIFA 15 last year, there are Mega 35k packs in store all day, and the “Lighting round” packs throughout the day on Friday. That’s really a crazy Black Friday! Well, no matter what kind of promotional fifa 16 coins packs will release in weekend, we would like to invite you come to use Packs Opening Simulator.

Thanksgiving is nearly here, following suit from the previous years, EA will release lots of Happy Hours in the upcoming FIFA 16 Black Friday 2015 and Cyber Monday.

To meet the requirement of most clients, we have launch the Black Friday Packs Simulator for you enjoy the exciting moment of opening Black Friday Packs, such as Premium Gold Players Pack, 25K Rare Gold Pack, 100k (or 2,000 FIFA Points) Jumbo Rare Players Pack. Well, Packs are in beta, and these packs are not real, but you can get free FIFA Coins through opening packs.

Wish you have so much fun in Pack Simulator! Packs are in beta, if you have encountered any problem about this tool, please leave your message on our FACEBOOK, we will give special gifts for you. Everyday, the Top 5 Value Packs Opener can win free 50k FIFA Coins in our site.

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