The easy steps to instant WOW power leveling to 90

In World of Warcraft, Here are easy steps to instant leveling to 90!

Step 1: Heirlooms

Picture of Heirlooms

Heirlooms are an important piece to leveling and learning you class. You should know which looms are good for your class.

Always have a weapon! Heirlooms weapons give great stats at low levels which help you do good DPS.

Step 2: Class Spec

Always choose a tank or healer class.

Tanks often get 1 second ques in dungeons but like 20 minute ques in raids.

Healers are rare in some realms. It is easy to get into a dungeon or raid fast as a healer.

PvP is all the same with DPS, tanks and healers I have found.

Step 3: Dungeon

As a tank, DUNGEON ALL YOU CAN! go for those good drops and get those high levels. Be sure to go back for the quests.

Healers are key in dungeons. If you are lazy just be a healer and do nothing. Just be sure to keep everyone at around 80% health all the time

Step 4: Ding, Level 90

Do these steps to become a great World of Warcraft player. Also remember to use appropriate talents and rotations. has great advice. But be specific they do PvE and PvP.

Good luck in Azeroth and you can find me in Baelgun as a human warrior named Jolapo (alliance).

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