To sell or buy ESO gold in the game

ESO no built-in auction house, the store to buy or sell goods by guild. But ZeniMax Online and think of a way to let the players trading within the game. In the game on the BBS, players can be done in an online market transactions, purchase or sell items. This will keep the game economy health not only, still can encourage players to social.

Game designer Nick Konkle said: “it is not necessary to use a huge server to support global auction, which leads to the best equipment became cheap, Zhou Erfu eventually lead to imbalance in the game.”

“If you don’t get limit the best of things, there would be no healthy economy.”

That is to say, if you want to sell or buy ESO gold in the game, or visit the online market, or to join a guild.

As listed in the global boom, it have many many players will encounter someone cheating phenomenon, this ZeniMax game company, said to punishing those who cheat in the game players.

ESO community manager Jessica Fulsom today issued a statement, for those who are still trying to cheat in the game players sounded a serious warning, he said: “today, we have to cheat in the ESO player the first penalty, the permanent ban thousands of accounts. And this is only for cheaters we blow is the first step for a long time, we want to make games away from hang the cheat, cheat and speed”. At the same time, we would also like to thank those players to actively report cheaters, formal report you let more cheats on today’s being banned accounts list.”

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